Exclusive parking for cargo bikes at Working Bikes’s Tuesday fundraiser


Bike party tomorrow!

Join Working Bikes Cooperative on Tuesday night at Lagunitas

Working Bikes Cooperative helps get more Chicagoans out there biking by fixing up abandoned bikes and selling them at affordable prices. WBC also has a shop in Pilsen and can outfit any bike to become a cargo bike.

Come to their first fundraiser at Lagunitas Brewing Company – also in Pilsen – on Tuesday, October 14, from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM. Buy tickets now or get more details below. Working Bikes & Lagunitas will be providing an exclusive space for cargo bikes inside the building near the party room.

On Tuesday, October 14, 2014, Working Bikes will celebrate its 15th anniversary at Lagunitas Brewery’s newly opened Tap Room. Support Working Bikes and enjoy food, drinks, music, and more from from 5:30-8:30pm.

Working Bikes is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to recycling used bicycles and improving mobility in underserved communities. Since 1999, Working Bikes has donated over 45,000 bicycles in Africa, Central America, the Caribbean, and Chicago. In the communities to which Working Bikes donates, a bicycle can be life changing; a bike can bring access to education, employment, healthcare, and other basic needs.

Must be 21 or older to attend. The cost of admission is a $25 donation, but if you would like to make a higher donation we would appreciate it! Ticket price includes admission, food, and musical entertainment. Drinks will be purchased separately at Lagunitas Tap Room. Please note that it will be a CASH bar, with beer and wine $5 each. All beverage sales support Working Bikes!

Food and refreshments provided by:

  • Lagunitas Brewing Co.
  • Original Rainbow Cone
  • The Chicago Diner
  • The Handlebar
  • Honky Tonk BBQ
  • Simioni Imports

Music by the People’s DJ Collective!

Interested in being a Collegiate, Varsity, or Paramount sponsor? Other questions? Email outreach coordinator Marie Akerman at marie@workingbikes.org, or call 773-847-5440.

Working Bikes drop-off locations and volunteers should email Marie for special members pricing. All attendees must have a ticket.

The Lagunitas Brewery Tap Room is located at 2607 W 17th St. in Chicago. Access the Tap Room via the Lagunitas parking lot at Rockwell and 16th St.

Buy tickets!

Tom wins Abus Bordo lock from us and Legacy Frameworks

Congratulations to Tom, the winner of an Abus Bordo lock, curtesy of Abus and Cargo Bike Roll Call. Tom was pretty stoked to get this fantastic lock.

tom holding an Abus lock

Tom won an Abus Bordo lock at Tour de Fat.

Legacy Frameworks was giving it away at New Belgium Brewing’s Tour De Fat festival. The festival raised $32,000 for West Town Bikes. Legacy is also supporting West Town Bikes by donating a bike when they have reached 200 email sign-ups. Show your support by signing up at the bottom of Legacy Frameworks website.

The bike Legacy will give to West Town Bikes when they hit 200 email sign ups.

The bike Legacy will give to West Town Bikes when they hit 200 email sign ups.

While you’re there, take a look at the refined transportation bike, the Rambler. Hand-built in Chicago, it comes standard with everything you need on a bike for a carefree ride – including the durable and grease free Gates Carbon Drive, dynamo lighting, fenders and rack. It comes in three frame designs to fit your style – a curvy step-through, a traditional diamond frame and powerful disc drakes. Order yours today.

Roll Call will be giving away another Abus Bordo lock at Saturday’s Alt-Cycle event.


Cargo Bike Roll Call on Saturday, July 19th, at Alt-Cycle


One of the Bullitts at Alt-Cycle you can test ride at the Roll Call.

Test ride cargo bikes and enjoy beer and BBQ with Alt-Cycle, Chicago’s newest e-bike and cargo bike shop in Lincoln Park. You don’t need a cargo bike to come!

Have you reached the limit of using panniers to carry groceries, or do you want to take your kids to school in a box bike? This is your best, free opportunity to test ride several bikes that can accomplish these tasks.

Join us on their cul-de-sac at Altgeld & Halsted for a traditional Cargo Bike Roll Call. That means BBQ, beer, and bikes (just like Tour de Fat, actually).

Come anytime on Saturday, July 19, from 5-10 PM! We’ve got kegs from Revolution Brewing. Please make a donation on site or online!

RSVP on Facebook. By the way, there will be lots of Bullitts from Chicago Cargo.

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Cargo bike parade at Tour de Fat on Saturday, July 12th

Ride for Two

Cargo bike riding in the Tour de Fat bike parade of 2013. Photo by Drew Baker.

Tour de Fat is an annual event at Palmer Square Park where you get to watch bands play for free while you sip on $5 New Belgium Brewing drafts. 100% of the proceeds benefit West Town Bikes, a learning and community bike shop that teaches teenagers job skills.

Join us Saturday morning on July 12 for the bike parade, which leaves Palmer Square Park at 11 AM. Let’s stack the bike parade with as many cargo bikes as possible to show people what how we roll.

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What a cargo bike can do: carry your dogs


Melissa M. and Justin H. recently got a WorkCycles bakfiets (“box bike”, singular) from J.C. Lind in February and today Melissa took her dogs Bacci and Gino to the beach and around Rogers Park.

Come test ride Melissa and Justin’s bakfiets on Sunday, April 6, at this year’s first Cargo Bike Roll Call.

Check out the Chicago Cargo Popup Bullitt Shop on March 23 in Logan Square

Bullit photoshoot on State Street in February.

“Celebrate the start of bike season with a variety of bike-centric businesses and maintenance tutorials.”

The Post Family, a Chicago design studio, is taking over the Logan Square Comfort Station in March. The Comfort Station is cute, itty bitty house at 2579 N Milwaukee Avenue in the Logan Square (across from the Illinois Centennial Monument, or “eagle”).

Sunday, March 23rd, from 2 PM to 6 PM, is Bike Day and Brandon Gobel of Chicago Cargo will be there with a handful of Bullitts alongside Bullitt riders and business owners.

The Post Family calls their takeover, Comfort, a curatorial residency.

You can also hang out with these cool people, groups, and companies:

  • Bike a Bee
  • Bike Index
  • Chainlink
  • Divvy bike sharing
  • Legacy Frameworks
  • Patchwork Farms
  • Pedal to the People
  • ROADIECAB pedicabs

The first Cargo Bike Roll Call of 2014 is April 6

The first Cargo Bike Roll Call of 2014 will be held Sunday, April 6, from 11:15 AM to 3 PM, at Audobon Elementary School right after the first Roscoe Village Kidical Mass of the year.

Come out and ride different cargo bikes owned by fellow Chicagoans. There’ll be Bullitt, WorkCycles, and a bakfiets. I’ll be trying to get more bikes out there.

RSVP on Facebook and The Chainlink and check out the event on EveryBlock and the Active Transportation Alliance.

I would like your help in arranging post-ride snacks (I’ll bake chocolate chip oatmeal cookies). No alcohol will be allowed since this is a Chicago Public Schools property.

We’ll be giving away a cargo bike-sized Abus Bordo folding lock to the fortunate winner, chosen by a drawing of people who test rode someone else’s cargo bike, courtesy of Abus.

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David and his sons: Why I love the cargo bike

fall cruisin’ from David Pulsipher on Vimeo.

David Pulsipher posted a link to this video yesterday and I thought that it exemplifies one of the reasons we host Cargo Bike Roll Call events and promote the use of cargo bikes: they are fun and they can create a cherished memory of bonding with your family.

“One of the things I love most about bicycling and cargo bikes is their ability to transform the mundane into the memorable. We were running a simple errand – dropping off a set of keys to our former landlord. On the way home I conducted a little interview with my sons. Both the interview (taken a year ago) and trip were short and sweet. It has made me reflect on how much of life we churn through to check off, complete, and ultimately forget. Performed by car, this errand and time with my children would be forgotten. But doing it by cargo bike turned it into a cherished memory.”

David lives in Chicago, works downtown, and rides an Xtracycle-enhanced bike.

Donate so Rio can have a cargo bike race

Rio Cargo Bike Culture_2

Cargo bike deliveries in Rio largely comprises water and gas. Photo by Mikael Colville-Anderson.

Copenhagenize Consulting, run by my pal Mikael Colville-Anderson (really, Brandon and I have drunk with him many times), is raising money from donors around the world to produce the first cargo bike race in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

Mikael has helped put on the Svajerløb in Copenhagen for several years (Brandon and I went in 2012 and he went again in 2013) and hopes to do the same thing in Rio (another city I’ve been to). Rio, he says, has 11,000 cargo bike deliveries every day in the Copacabana neighborhood. To put that in perspective, a little over 19,000 people ride their bikes to work in Chicago in the spring – in all neighborhoods!

How will the race work? From the fundraising webpage:

Copenhagenize…will partner with Brazilian NGO Transporte Ativo, located in Copacabana and the Brazilian experts in bicycle urbanism. Together, we will put on the event that Rio’s cargo-bike heroes deserve.  One that will make them proud. One that will make the city proud of them.

Just as in Copenhagen, the riders will race four laps around a square. For the first lap, they ride empty. Then they load up their bikes and do three laps with a heavy load.

We, the cargo bike riders and enthusiasts of Chicago and the region, are a small group but we’ve always gotten the money together to put on events – this time let’s kickstart a social inclusion bike race in Brasil.

Rio Cargo Bike Matress

Cariocas get their mattresses delivered by bike.

Wheel-building and Dynamo Lighting Class from Legacy Frameworks: January 18

A hand-built wheel with a generator and lighting are great additions to any bike.

If you are looking to upgrade your bike to a generator hub and lights as well as learn to build a wheel, Legacy Frameworks is offering a one-day workshop on 1/18/14 covering front wheel-building and light routing with all parts including rim, spokes, hub and front and rear lights for only $260. Upgrades and additional generator goodies are also available.

Details can be found here. Or Contact Levi directly at levi@legacyframeworks.com